Nicole Burke Skincare is about you. We provide a space in which to find your own peaceful center from which the healthiest you emanates. Our goal is to maintain and cultivate the health and appearance of your skin, from the inside out. We believe skin care is a craft, and in practicing it we continually learn and grow in order to pass our knowledge and skill on to you, our clients, for your greatest benefit. Please feel comfortable letting us know what we can do to make your treatment enjoyable and worthwhile for you.

Nicole Burke

Nicole Burke Stephenson

A longtime interest in health and well-being, a love of research and science, and a natural enjoyment of people led Nicole to skin care. Inspired by a lifetime of yogic practices, treatments are infused with deep relaxation. She draws inspiration from the natural health practices of her great-grandmother, Billie Burke, and other glamorous stars of the stage and silver screen in a time when people aimed to make the most of their own individuality and natural beauty.