modern ~ organic ~ yogic ~ biomic…  *feel good*

At Nicole Burke Skincare we combine the wisdom of the traditional holistic apothecary with the most safe and effective advanced ingredients, delivered with a personal touch.

You’ll experience extraordinary wild-crafted delights from In Fiore, high performance natural skin care from Marie Veronique, and farm fresh local ingredients from Botnia.
Our therapeutic treatments will leave you supremely relaxed with healthy, youthful, glowing skin.

Established in 2006, our goal is to cultivate the health and appearance of your skin from the inside out. We always handpick our products toward our clients’ individual needs, selecting for tangible results. We’ve done the research for you and found the best of the best in modern organic skincare. Our products are made to work with your body – no fillers, fragrance, petroleum, parabens or animal testing.
Our unique custom facials are designed for your skin, each day. Nicole draws from more than ten years of experience treating skin to create a facial for your skin in it’s current state each time you visit. Modalities include apothecary ingredients, an array of highly effective fruit acid and enzyme peels, yogic guided relaxation, and sublime massage to release your muscular patterns, lift, and smooth lines.
Facial treatments are a deeply restorative way to clean and exfoliate, stimulate and detoxify, nourish and heal, hydrate and protect the skin. Issues such as breakouts, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage and aging are addressed. Recommendations are given to maintain the health of your skin between your regular treatments.
Designed to resurface skin with maximum results and minimal irritation, your experience can vary from an immediate smooth glow (no peeling) to micropeeling (light flaking, looks like dry skin but actually the result of exfoliation) to moderate peeling (mild flaking, may feel like a mild sunburn). So while you’ll want to wait a week before an important event, you don’t have to stock up on groceries and plan a movie marathon.
To prepare for your facial, please discontinue use of retinoids (Retin A, retinol, and other Rx or over the counter products) and avoid intense sun exposure 72 hours before and after your treatment.


healthy glow
60 minutes, $175
Each facial is created for your skin, each day. Always deep cleansing and skin balancing, we pull from our toolbox of enzyme or fruit acid exfoliation, nutritive serums, a custom blended mask, anti-aging eye and lip treatments, all with massage throughout including our gravity defying facial massage, and ending with, of course, a safe mineral sunblock.
We RECOMMEND that those treating acne and desiring deeper anti-aging treatments book the Supernatural.
supernatural glow
80 minutes, $215
A thorough (and thoroughly relaxing) facial customized for your skin’s current needs. Always deep cleansing and skin balancing, we’ll draw from our array of effective and organic skin care modalities… exfoliation including fruit acid and enzyme peels, nutritive serums, a custom blended mask, anti-aging eye and lip treatments, all with massage throughout including our gravity defying facial massage.
Everything the Healthy Glow offers along with more time for what you need whether it’s thorough extractions, decollette treatment, deeper exfoliation, or more relaxing massage, you’ll float away aglow…
RECOMMENDED for those treating acne and for deeper anti-aging treatments.
super man
60 minutes, $175
Men’s skin has its own unique issues to contend with due to beard growth and frequent shaving. This treatment is customized with special exfoliation to inhibit ingrown hairs and works to improve conditions such as breakouts and sun damage. You’ll feel relaxed and wonder why you never did this before!
RECOMMENDED: book the Supernatural instead to receive extra time for anti-aging or acne treatment. 
hot mama
60 minutes, $175

Taking special care to use all the right ingredients and none of the wrong ones, and with extra attention to comfort, moms-to-be and new moms can put their feet up while a soothing facial balances out all the new changes to their skin caused by pregnancy. The Healthy Glow customized for pregnant and breast feeding mamas and their changing skin, always using safe organic products.
the big event (for brides-to-be and other important moments)
consultation on a series of custom facials
Be luminous on your big day! We’ll create a treatment plan to reduce fine lines, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, breakouts – whichever issues are relevant to your skin. Beginning with a consultation well in advance of your important day and ending 1-2 weeks before with your skin looking it’s best whether you’re saying “I do!” or “I’d like to thank the Academy….”

We use low-temperature European waxes for gentle, effective face and body waxing. After waxing, a soothing organic In Fiore balm is applied to calm the skin and discourage ingrown hairs.

brow shaping
upper lip
lower arms
full arm
half leg
full leg
extended bikini
lash tint
brow tint
lash + brow tint