At Nicole Burke Skincare we combine the wisdom of the traditional holistic apothecary with the finest advanced ingredients, delivered with a personal touch. You’ll experience extraordinary wild-crafted delights from In Fiore and high performance natural skin care at the molecular level from Sircuit Cosmeceuticals. Our therapeutic treatments will leave you supremely relaxed with healthy, youthful, glowing skin.

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Established in 2006, our goal is to cultivate the health and appearance of your skin from the inside out. We handpick our products toward our clients’ individual needs, selecting for tangible results, highest quality natural and organic ingredients, and a luxurious sensory experience. Our products contain only the best and most useful ingredients – no fillers, fragrance, petroleum, parabens or animal testing.
Facial treatments are a deeply restorative way to clean and exfoliate, stimulate and detoxify, nourish and heal, hydrate and protect the skin. Issues such as breakouts, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage and aging are addressed. Recommendations are given to maintain the health of your skin between your regular treatments.

custom peels ~ next level advanced exfoliation

Take your facial to the next level. Our next generation smartpeels give beautiful results without the risks of old fashioned chemical peels. Stimulate healthy cell formation deep in the skin utilizing ingredients both naturally derived and chemically advanced such as retinol, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, enzymes, peptides and more. Next level peels improve acne, scarring, pigmentation, and prevent and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. The result: a renewed complexion that is stronger, smoother, brighter, clearer and more hydrated.
Designed to resurface skin with maximum results and minimal irritation, your experience can vary from an immediate smooth glow (no peeling) to micropeeling (light flaking, looks like dry skin but actually the result of exfoliation) to moderate peeling (mild flaking, may feel like a mild sunburn). So while you’ll want to wait a week before an important event, you don’t have to stock up on groceries and plan a movie marathon.
Which level? A recommendation will be made based on your skin’s condition and personal goals, and you’ll learn how to take good care of your skin for the best, longest lasting results.
* To prepare for your next level facial or peel session, you must discontinue use of retinoids (Retin A, retinol, and other Rx or over the counter products) and avoid intense sun exposure 72 hours before and after your treatment.


70 minutes, $155

A completely organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic facial featuring In Fiore’s 4-2-4 cleansing method, this intoxicating facial deeply stimulates the skin’s natural detoxification processes. Bearberry, licorice and alpha hydroxy acid exfoliation brighten and clear, then minerals deliver antioxidants and nutrients into your skin. Find your skin’s true balance and luminosity as you float through a dreamland of scents and sensations. For all skin types.healthy glow
+ level 1 exfoliation         70 minutes, $120
+ level 2 custom peel      85 minutes, $165
+ level 3 custom peel      85 minutes, $180

Our signature facial ~ the healthy glow with next level advanced exfoliation chosen from our effective array of custom peels. A thorough (and thoroughly relaxing) facial customized for your skin’s current needs. Includes a combination of deep cleansing and thorough extractions, customized exfoliation, massage throughout including our gravity defying facial massage, nutritive serums, a custom mask, anti-aging eye and lip treatments, ending with, of course, a safe mineral sunblock.balancing acne
85 minutes, $170

Calm and purify skin disrupted by breakouts. Includes a level 2 smartpeel aimed at clearing breakouts. Special attention to extractions, unique detoxifying lymphatic drainage massage and serums and masks designed to soothe and heal will help turn your skin around.

the works
115 minutes, $225

As you wish ~ choose what you like from a healthy glow facial + level 2 custom peel + brow shape + lash tint + brow tint + plenty of luxurious massage. Enjoy the great escape and then, watch out, world!

deep pore cleanse for men
+ level 1 exfoliation         70 minutes, $120
+ level 2 custom peel      85 minutes, $165
+ level 3 custom peel      85 minutes, $180

Men’s skin has its own unique issues to contend with due to beard growth and frequent shaving. This treatment is customized with special exfoliation to inhibit ingrown hairs and works to improve conditions such as breakouts and sun damage. You’ll feel relaxed and wonder why you never did this before.

hot mama                                                         70 minutes, $120
all natural & organic hot mama                      70 minutes, $155
hot mama + pregnancy-safe custom peel    85 minutes, $165
Taking special care to use all the right ingredients and none of the wrong ones, and with extra attention to comfort, moms-to-be and new moms can put their feet up while a soothing facial balances out all the new changes to their skin caused by pregnancy.

One peel is a great pick-me-up; for deeper more lasting effects they are most effectively done a few in a row. A progressive peel session every 6 months to a year will keep your skin in amazing shape!
We’re able to offer our most intensive combinations of ingredients in peel sessions with 10% off duets and 15% off trios.

peel session ~ level 1
45 minutes, $95
A mini glow-to-go facial anytime you and your skin need a pick-me-up. No extractions here, just a vibrant glow from the aromatherapy, deep cleansing, gentle cranberry enzyme and lactic acid exfoliation, massage with a customized mask, eye and lip treatments, and sunblock.

peel session ~ level 2
45 minutes, $120
Just like level 1 but with next level exfoliation hand-picked from our array of level 2 smartpeels.

peel session ~ level 3
30 minutes, $135
An application of our most transformative ingredients ~ a brightening and smoothing 30% lactic acid peel, an overnight retinol application, or an oxygenating and plumping anti-wrinkle trifecta of lactic acid, retinol and peptides.

the big event (for brides-to-be and other important moments)
consultation on a series of custom facials
Be luminous on your big day! We’ll create a treatment plan to reduce fine lines, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, breakouts – whichever issues are relevant to your skin. Beginning with a consultation well in advance of your important day and ending 1-2 weeks before with your skin looking it’s best whether you’re saying “I do!” or “I’d like to thank the Academy….”

zit zap emergency
10 minutes, $25
Occasionally facials release congestion and breakouts can surface in the purging process ~
follow-up zit-zaps are available to facial clients the week following a facial.

We use low-temperature European waxes for gentle, effective face and body waxing. After waxing, a soothing organic In Fiore balm is applied to calm the skin and discourage ingrown hairs.

brow shaping
upper lip
lower arms
full arm
half leg
full leg
extended bikini
lash tint
brow tint
lash + brow tint